Download the 'LzSDM: Agile Test Environment' use case

Building replica environments for the purpose of mainframe testing is both time and cost intensive.

The challenges include:

  • A lack of agility when cloning and resetting mainframe test environments.
  • Organizational friction due to cross-team reliance and bottlenecks.
  • Cost issues due to licence and resources needed for LPARs and subsystem deployments.

Now, organizations have the opportunity to create test environments for mainframe applications easily and efficiently in Linux. Making greater use of modern DevOps tools and automation, it is possible to test mainframe applications faster and at significantly reduced cost, deploying innovations into production much faster.

In this use case for Software Defined Mainframe, we outline the opportunities available to organizations in more agile mainframe application testing, and how our technology can enable this for your business. Complete the form to find out more.