Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2018

Achieve the impossible with your legacy mainframe applications

Meet LzLabs in Barcelona

For the second year running, LzLabs is proud to be a premier sponsor at Gartner Symposium/ITExpo in Barcelona.

During the event, LzLabs will talk to senior IT executives about the power of moving mainframe legacy applications and data to open systems with no source code re-writing or data reformatting – a feat that, until now, has been unachievable.

The pace of change is faster today than ever before, thanks to the exponential growth of computing power. Despite that, significant portion of the world’s commercial transactions is still performed on mainframes – technology coded in outdated languages and difficult to integrate with modern applications.

LzLabs’ Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) allows businesses to move away from legacy systems dependency and take full advantage of the opportunities offered by cloud computing, open source, and x86 advances.

We’d love to talk to you about moving your data and applications, unchanged and with low risk, to cloud and Linux systems. If you’re interested in a private meeting with a member of the LzLabs team, please register your interest by filling out the form, and one of us will be in touch shortly.