In an increasingly competitive market, traditional banks find themselves constrained by legacy IT architecture.

  • Tech-savvy customers demand better digital experiences
  • Disruptive new competitors can take full advantage of DevOps and the Cloud to develop and deliver new services quickly
  • Institutional knowledge of core applications is retiring, and traditional banks must access a diminishing skills pool to manage legacy systems

Core banking modernization is less of an "if", and more of a "when"

One leading European bank recognized these challenges and undertook a project to migrate core applications away from its mainframe using LzLabs' incremental migration approach.

By migrating core transactional applications to LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe, the company is able to leave data on the mainframe during migration and testing, taking advantage of LzSDM's unique interoperability features. Managing the project in this way significantly reduces project risk.

Download the case study to discover the background of the company, the challenges faced and how these were solved with LzLabs.

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A Graceful Path to Legacy Modernization

LzLabs CEO, Mark Cresswell, discusses the power of transforming mainframe applications to new languages, the dangers inherent in such a project, and customers’ opportunity to start a graceful, incremental modernization journey with LzLabs.

Read the white paper "A Graceful Path to Legacy Modernization" to learn about:

  • The power of transforming mainframe application programs to new languages such as Java.
  • The dangers of recompilation, re-writing and "Big Bang" approaches to modernization.
  • Your opportunity to transform individual programs to new languages using the SDM, enabling a less risky, graceful modernization process.

Download the White Paper