On-demand webinar | Liberating Mainframe Applications to Achieve Agility

Discover a seamless path to rehosting, re-writing or replacing your mainframe applications.

Mainframe applications are often resistant to agility. The need for agile development is leading organizations to consider a new future for their mainframe applications. What else is driving this trend, and what is the first step IT leaders should take to transform applications into new languages and implementations?

In this on-demand webinar, Dale Vecchio, Chief Evangelist at LzLabs, discusses:

  • The ways in which organizations are seeking to drive innovation through the modernization of mainframe applications
  • Modernization options and the most efficient path to bringing mainframe applications to agile development pipelines
  • IT leaders' views on mainframe application management, skills challenges and drivers of migration, with results from the LzLabs Mainframe Modernization Survey 2019

Dale hosted a live Q&A at the end of the webinar, where attendees asked questions about the presentation, survey and insights.

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Dale Vecchio, Chief Evangelist, LzLabsDale Vecchio, Chief Evangelist, LzLabs
Dale spent 18 years as Research Vice President at Gartner, where he specialised in strategies for modernising application portfolios. Before becoming one of the world’s foremost analysts in the realm of application modernization, Dale began his career as a mainframe application developer, moving on to become a systems programmer and later, a director and vice president of marketing across a range of technology companies, including Cincom Systems, Systems Center, and Viasoft.