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Global IT leaders agree legacy mainframe technology restricts their ability to innovate

LzLabs & Microsoft Mainframe Modernization Survey 2018


LzLabs and Microsoft commissioned Vanson Bourne to take the pulse of global IT leaders, whose organization has a mainframe, about their views towards mainframes.

Lifting the lid on industry perceptions, it’s clear that global IT leaders are concerned that the cost and inflexibility associated with the mainframe is holding them back from embracing modern application management approaches including open-source and the cloud. They also agree that that they should have already started a mainframe migration process to future proof their business to stay competitive in their industry and address their growing mainframe skills gap.

It’s clear now is the time for organizations to leap into innovation and off the mainframe platform.

Download the LzLabs & Microsoft Mainframe Modernization Survey 2018 to learn more about:


  • IT leaders’ views on the modernization processes

  • Succession plans for legacy mainframe architectures and the mainframe migration process

  • IT leaders’ appetite for modern innovative technologies