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Unleash the Power of Cloud

With the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®

Cloud deployment as a technical alternative to existing infrastructure is a prominent feature of many digital transformation discussions today. Those discussions, however, should really be about how cloud can expand business models and boost innovation.


Separating the underlying IT infrastructure ownership and management from envisaged new business models provides a much better, more flexible, environment for these kinds of decisions.


At LzLabs our vision is to liberate organizations from the limitations of legacy applications so they can achieve agility, flexibility, and cost effectiveness from their computing platforms.


To help organizations achieve this vision, LzLabs has developed a managed container technology - the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®, which eliminates the need to modify and recompile mainframe application source code and preserves mainframe data in its native encoding format.


If you would like to learn more about how LzLabs can help you run legacy applications in modern evironments, download the Power of Cloud White Paper.



Dale Vecchio, Chief Marketing Officer, LzLabs

Bob Ellsworth, Director, Enterprise Modernization, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft

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Cloud will be the most common computing platform of the next several decades, in the same way the mainframe computing platform was the predominant platform of the 1960s-1980s. However, moving critical but inflexible apps to a cloud environment has been a major challenge for organizations. Until now. Download our White Paper to understand how LzLabs’ Software Defined Mainframe® can help your organization take advantage of the Power of Cloud.

The Power of Cloud

Dale Vecchio, Chief Marketing Officer, LzLabs, and David Kurth, Cloud & Enterprise Business Group Lead, Microsoft Switzerland, discuss the power of re-hosting mainframe applications on cloud infrastructures such as Microsoft Azure.