The Power of Modern
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In this replay of our webinar, recorded on August 22nd, 2018, LzLabs' Dale Vecchio discusses the value of rehosting mainframe applications and data, without recompilation or reforming of data, on x86 and in the cloud. He explains what "the power of open" means to us, how it has affected our solution and why we think it's unique. He also explains how the solution works and how it's built to leverage the power of the open source community.:

LzLabs webinar - The Power of Modern
Dale Vecchio

Dale Vecchio

Chief Marketing Officer

Dale spent 18 years as Research Vice President at Gartner, where he specialised in strategies for modernising application portfolios. Before becoming one of the world’s foremost analysts in the realm of application modernisation, Dale began his career as a mainframe application developer, moving on to become a systems programmer and later, a director and vice president of marketing across a range of technology companies, including Cincom Systems, Systems Center, and Viasoft.

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