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Of the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®

The pace of change is faster today than ever before thanks to the exponential growth of computing power.


Organisations that embrace technological innovation by taking full advantage of the power of modern technologies have the capability to disrupt the status quo and create new business models.


With a significant portion of the world’s traditional commercial transactions performed on mainframes – technology that is coded in languages that are difficult to integrate with modern applications and expensive to maintain – some might say mainframes are immune to the power of modern cloud, open source and x86 advances.


The simple fact is… the mainframe is prime for disruption.


Through the Power of Modern, companies across the globe have the freedom to re-host workload with the need to modify and recompile mainframe applications and preserve mainframe data in its native encoding format.


To discover how organisations can liberate costly legacy applications through the creativity of open source, the innovation of the cloud and the power of x86 architectures, we have launched a series dedicated to help you UNLOCK the potential of the Power of Modern.

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Users of legacy mainframes are suffering under the weight of three very different, but ultimately related pressures. Download our White Paper to get a better understanding of these pressures and the possible solutions, including ‘The Software Defined Mainframe – Leveraging “the Power of Modern”

The Power of Modern

Built on x86, cloud-enabled and powered by open innovation - discover the power of the LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe…