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Applications written over decades for the mainframe platform represent a mix of the languages, runtimes, file/database and operational characteristics of this venerable platform.

Consequently, when migrating applications from this platform to another, considerations must be made for all of these in order to ensure success. This is true of any application migration, but especially for the mainframe since these applications have been implemented according to the technical and architectural capabilities of the era in which they were written. While the underlying platform and data base management systems have evolved over the years, the fundamental architecture remains.

Re-hosting customer application workload from a mainframe architecture to an x86 environment requires consideration of several key areas:

  • Application language
  • Application runtime environment (transactional or batch)
  • File access or data base management system
  • Operational needs for reliability, availability and security

In this white paper, written by Jan Jaeger, Dale Vecchio, Roger Bowler and Justin Bendich, you'll learn about the challenges present when recompiling source code. In addition, we detail three alternative solutions:

  • Interpretive Execution
  • Incremental Just-In-Time Compiler
  • Load Module De-compile/Compile (LMD/LMC)

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